Let’s dive into a wide sea:-)

Denmark is struggling to protect the environment around the world. Danish life is based on eco-friendly elements, and so is the design. It has high-end design, quality and technology. I would like to make furniture design for nature in this place where i know how to respect nature. I want to make a series of furniture that is easy to make and also has artistic value. My goal is creating a series of furniture inspired by the aesthetic elements of wave.
When i stayed here this summer, i realized that the ocean was always an important element beside people in Danish culture.

It was very impressive to see them swimming in the water of the city center and enjoying their leisure time. I also got a lot of rest in the sea because I melted into a Danish Hygge. I will study the shapes and colors of the sea more deeply so that I can make the same impression inside the house through furniture and design.
Natural respect is a very important element in my design philosophy. I recently conducted various up-cycle operations of accessories, furniture and discarded materials. Based on this experience, i will focus on more popular industrial d sculpture with design.

Further Projects